About Headington Medical Technology Limited

Headington Medical Technology Limited (HMTL) represents the highest standards of quality, professionalism and service. HMTL is a UK based healthcare company headquartered at Bengaluru in India and branch offices located at Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai in India. The company also has a representative office in Hong Kong and Singapore.

HMTL understand the market demand and customer needs which constantly motivates us to pursue for innovative healthcare product. We are looking forward to a strategic alliance with innovative manufacturers who listen to the market pulse and demand.  We adopt advanced technologies and transform them into accessible innovation thus bringing healthcare within reach of every individual. While improving the quality of care, we help reducing its cost, making it more accessible to a larger part of humanity.

HMTL always demonstrate a culture that reinforces ethical and lawful behaviours and ensures all aspects of our business comply with laws and regulations, both in the country in which we procure the supplies and in the country to which we supply the products.

HMTL markets its products to B2B, hospitals, individual healthcare providers, independent clinics, laboratories and pharmacy.

HMTL is looking for a strategical partnership with the various manufactures across the globe for innovative and technology product.

  • Headington Medical Technology Limited
  • JV- Distribution ship with innovative manufacturer of healthcare technology companies
  • PARTNERSHIP - Strategical Partnership with the various menufacturers in the world
  • LOGISTICS - Arrange shipment Ex Works and entre logistics till end destination within Asia Pacific
  • Storage-Having warehouses at all strategical locations
  • Sales- Own distribution network in place, looked after by the quality manpower
  • Marketing- Done by Marcom
  • Service- Trained Service Engineers on board
  • Customer support- On call and 24x7 dedicated online support

HMTL is dedicated and focusing into the following fields of medicine,

Critical Care
critical care
radiology & imaging

HMTL is looking for a strategical partnership and alliances with the various manufactures across the globe for innovative and technology product range to offer to Europe and Asia market.